Preparing Your Pet for Extended Boarding? Make Use of These Tips

When you must be away from home for an extended period, and no one will care for your pets, pet boarding is the best option. Whether your pet is going to stay at a kennel, a veterinary surgeon, or an animal clinic, there are a few things you need to do to ensure they are comfortable and safe during their stay. Even if your pet is used to being away from home, a little extra preparation will go a long way to ensure they have a stress-free and enjoyable stay.

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How to Prepare Your Pet for Extended Boarding Stays

When preparing your pet for an extended stay in pet boarding, there are a few steps you should take. 

The following advice will help you keep your pet as secure and comfortable as you can while you are away:

1. Choose a Reputable Pet Boarding Facility 

Choosing a trustworthy pet boarding facility like the dog daycare in Bellevue is the first step in preparing your pet for lengthy care. Take the time to investigate and compare local facilities. Read reviews and, if feasible, visit the institution in person. This will help you comprehend the caliber of care they provide and allow you the chance to ask any queries you may have.

2. Keep Vaccinations Up-To-Date 

Before your pet goes to pet boarding, ensure their vaccines are updated. This is essential for your pet’s and other animals’ safety at the facility. Additionally, if your pet has undergone any recent veterinary surgery, it’s essential to inform the pet boarding facility so they can provide appropriate post-operative care. 

Check with the pet boarding facility to determine what vaccinations and other necessary medical requirements, including any medication schedules or special dietary needs. Also, bring copies of your pet’s medical records, including information about their vaccinations and veterinary surgeries.

You can explore the web for more details about post-surgery care requirements in a veterinary facility.

3. Provide Comfort Items

Bring items from home that will make your pet feel more comfortable during their stay. This can include a favorite blanket, toy, or treat. These items will help to reduce stress and anxiety and make them feel more secure.

4. Provide a Well-Balanced Diet

Ensure that your pet’s nutritional requirements are met while you are away. Find out what food the pet boarding facility provides and if you need to provide food by speaking with them. Pack enough food to last the length of their visit if you must bring your pet’s meals.

5. Determine Exercise Requirements

Discuss your pet’s exercise requirements with the pet boarding facility. Different facilities offer different levels of exercise and playtime, so make sure they understand your pet’s needs.

6. Check-In With Your Pet

If possible, check in with your pet during their stay. This will help to ensure they are happy and stress-free. Most pet boarding facilities will allow you to visit your pet and may even have a webcam to check in with them remotely.

7. Provide Emergency Contact Information

Ensure to provide the pet boarding facility with emergency contact information for you and any other family members who should be contacted in an emergency.

You can contact a veterinary facility or visit their website if you are planning to board your pets.

Final Thoughts

Preparing your pet for an extended stay in pet boarding doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. You can ensure your pet has a secure and pleasant stay by researching and seeing its requirements. With the proper preparation and the help of a reputable pet boarding facility, you can rest assured that your pet will have the best experience possible.

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