Pet Boarding Facilities: 6 Different Types

What is pet boarding, and how to determine which type is best for your pet’s comfort? Leaving your pet at a boarding facility ensures it will be well cared for while you’re away. Some offer daytime care, while others provide overnight stays for traveling pet parents.

There are many names for pet boarding facilities. There are boarding kennels, doggie daycares, pet hotels, and boarding kennels run by veterinarians. This article will guide you through different pet boarding options so your pet can enjoy a happy and safe stay while you’re away.

Pet Boarding Facility Options

Learn about the various pet boarding facilities available and what you should do and know before leaving your dog or cat with a boarding facility so you can make the best decision for your fur baby.

Dog Kennels

Most people think of dog kennels when they think of traditional pet boarding. This type of boarding is more traditional because each pet has its own space. Owners may choose to keep them separated if a dog is aggressive, small, timid, or doesn’t get along with other dogs. The majority provide three to four daily walks and opportunities for group socializing, or you can choose options like an individual run or pen.

Doggy Daycare

Most doggy daycares are places where you can leave your dog for a few hours during the day, but some also offer pet boarding. This option has gained popularity among working pet owners, as they provide their dogs with daily socialization with other dogs along with plenty of free-range exercise and group playtime activities. This is beneficial for social dogs who prefer to play than rest.

Cat Boarding

Similar to dog kennels, cat boarding facilities place cats in specific areas. If your cat is not used to dogs, boarding with cats may be less stressful. Cats may be housed individually in cages or, if the facility is cage-free, they may share condos or suites with other cats.

Veterinary Hospitals

Animal hospitals and clinics offer a wellness plan for dogs that can be helpful when your dog or cat has a serious condition, needs constant care, or is still recovering from surgery done weeks ago. The pet’s health can be monitored by a veterinarian, who can also give medication as needed. Although pet boarding with a veterinarian can be more expensive than regular pet boarding, it gives pet owners peace of mind.

Pet Hotels

A pet hotel provides upscale accommodation for pets in a facility more commonly known as a kennel or cage-free boarding. Facilities may offer entertainment options like televisions, spas, pools, individualized and group playtime, and exercise and socialization opportunities. To learn more about the setup and structure of each pet hotel, review it separately and get in touch with the establishment. They may provide different services and packages, but all will treat your dog like royalty.

Private Pet Boarding

Private, in-house boarding is an alternative to traditional pet boarding in which you bring your pet to someone’s home. These facilities are rarely accredited, but their love for animals and home-like atmosphere provides your pet with the comfort of a home environment and fewer animals to deal with, giving your pet more attention and playtime than other boarding facilities. You may visit this website for more information about pet boarding.


When pet owners must leave their pets behind, there are many boarding options from which to choose. Pet owners can find the best boarding facility for their pets and themselves by learning about the various options. You can rest assured and enjoy your trip, knowing your pet is in good hands.

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